At IST, we believe progress is only possible when we work together. We work with some of the top universities in Iran as well as several prestigious universities abroad.

Examples of courses include:

  • Partnering with The Education University of Hong Kung to create bespoke course of “Discovering Iran” (December 2016) for a group of students from Hong Kung.
  • Partnering with Islamic School of Art and Tehran University to create bespoke course of “Wisdom of Islamic Art” (September 2016) for a group of professors and scholars from 13 various nationalities.
  • Partnering with the University of Religions and Denomination to create and organize periodic intensive courses on Shi’a Islamic Studies (2014 - 2018) for a group of professors and scholars from 40+ various nationalities.
  • Parenting with the University of Sciences and Teachings of the Holy Qu’ran (Qom, Iran) to organize the 10th International Conference of Quranic Researches in Qom (2017).
  • Parenting with the Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thought (Qom, Iran) to organize the 2nd International Conference of Immortality of the Soul in Islam and Christianity (2018).
  • Parenting with the Iman Academy (Vienna, Austria) to create and organize the Shia Intensive Course (2018).
  • Patterning with The Woman and Family Research Center (WRC) to create the intensive course on Women’s and Gender Studies (2018).