Gender Studies March 2019

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Course Description

The study of gender and women in Islamic contexts, though has expanded rapidly in recent decades is complicated by the modern historicity of these concepts and the danger of projecting them onto contexts in which they did not exist as categories of thought. A further challenge is that there is no uniform referent for the concepts of gender and sexuality across Islamic contexts and within diverse Muslim societies.

The 2nd Intensive Course on Women’s and Gender Studies is designed to develop a broad understanding of the study of gender and women from Shi’a Islamic point pf view. This general interest course uses the academic and interdisciplinary approach to provide a scholarly inquiry focusing on women and gender and examines how current social, political, and economic realities intersect to structure gender relations in Today's Shiite society of Iran.

This course also examines the diverse theoretical approaches within Islamic literature and feminist scholarship to outline broad terms of debate and revise the Islamic traditions from a feminist perspective by renovating the Islamic vision to women based on the jurisprudential reasoning (ljtihad).


Kharazmi University is one of the best universities in Iran located in Tehran and is 100 years old. The university has 5 deputy departments, 16 faculties, 4 research institutes, 4 research centers, and 2 national centers of research excellence. There are 450 members of academic staff: 40 professors, 90 associate professors, 287 assistant professors, and 33 instructors. There are more than 900 non-academic staff members. The University aims to fill an academic gap in the field of women's studies from a Shi’I Islamic perspective. It provides an approach to current gender, family and women's issues in line with Islamic theology and social realities by exploring the egalitarian potentials within the spiritual message of Islam and the advancement of human knowledge. The Department of sociology of this university and its research institute hosts this program and all classes will be held in Tehran campus of the university.

Dr. Shahla Bagheri  is the scientific director of the program. she is Associate Professor of Sociology at the  Kharazmi University (Tehran, Iran), where she teaches and has written books and articles on variety of topics on sociology of gender, cultural approaches of women's studies. she is member of the department of sociology of the Ministry of Science and Technology.



Dr. Fatima Tofighi is the scientific advisor of the program. she is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Religions (Qom, Iran), where she teaches a variety of topics on theories and methods in religious studies, feminist approaches to religion, biblical interpretation, and hermeneutics, among other things. She holds a PhD in Literature and Theology from the University of Glasgow (UK)



Course Topics

  • An Evaluation of Women’s Issues in Iran
  • Civic and Political Participation of Women in Iranian Society
  • Gender Theories in Contemporary Islamic Sphere
  • Islamic Feminism: Evaluation & Critique
  • Gender and the Qur’an
  • Gender Theology in Shiite Thought
  • Women’s Rights and Responsibilities in the Iranian Legal System
  • Women in Civil Law of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • New Cultural Challenges for Iranian Women


Social Program

The social program lets you experience the best of Tehran (political capital). Tehran with its vibrant, cutting edge culture and fast-paced lifestyle provide a view of day-to-day life in Iran. We have designed a variety of programs, including meeting with successful women, including athletes, politicians and social activists, along with visiting cultural and non-govermental centers, foundations and associations. Our handpicked social activities in Tehran brings to you an enriching adventure to complement your academic course.


Cultural Tour (Optional)

For those who pursue to enrich their experience of Iran, this optional tour of Iran (Qom, Kashan, and Isfahan) would be of interest. Follow in pilgrims’ footsteps and explore the history of old Persia and the spirit of the new Iran. Discover magnificent monuments, artworks, and sights and deeper insight into this ancient land.


Who Can Apply?

The Intensive Course on Women’s and Gender Studies is open to scholars, professors, researchers and students from all around the world. The program is designed for academics from various background, who are interested in expanding their understanding of Iran. Individuals from a wide range of academic or professional interests are welcome to apply.



Course Fee

A number of fee packages are available for this course. All fee packages include tuition costs, social programs, educational booklets, lunch, snacks and refreshments, travel insurance, airport transfers (pick-up and drop-off) and site visits.


Fee Package

Standard Fee

Early Birds*

Group / Partner (3-5)**



480 EUR

 430 EUR

400 EUR



280 EUR

250 EUR

230 EUR


Course & Tour

760 EUR

680 EUR

630 EUR



Important Dates

  • Early registration deadline:    31 December 2018
  • Registration deadline:             31 January 2019
  • Academic Course:                   4- 8 March 2019
  • Cultural Tour:                           9-12 March 2019


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