Man and Social Relations in Shia Tradition 2019

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Consisting of Imam Ali's sermons, letters and aphorisms, Nahj-ul-Balaghah is amongst the most significant works in Arabic literature, as an emblem of rhetoric and eloquence. Besides, it is a valuable hadith work that presents a charter of the constructive teachings of Islam. Nahj-ul-Balaghah has been attracting the attention of Muslim scholars and literates since it's compilation up to now. Without a doubt, after the holy Quran, Nahj-ul-Balaghah is the next book about which the most works have been written, because of its particular position as a manifestation of the tradition, placing it coordinate to Quran in comprehensively presenting the practical teachings in order to achieve a model of Islamic lifestyle.

The Nahj al-Balaghah Research Institute plans to hold the First International Biennial Prize for Nahj al-Balaghah. the institute is affiliated with the Nahj al-Balaghah Foundation which is the only institution that specializes in this field. the institute, along with this international event and in cooperation with Saadi Foundation and International Association of Dialogue for Peace will host the  2-day workshop on Man & Social Relations in Shia Tradition on the basis of Nahj al-Balaghah. The workshop will presented by two of the best known professors.


 Prof. Dr. Ahmad Pakatchi is the scientific director of the program. he is Professor of Islamic Studies at the Imam Sadiq University(Tehran, Iran), where he teaches a variety of topics on theories and methods in religious studies, interdisciplinary approaches to religion, holy scriptures, and hermeneutics, among other things. he has written several books and articles.  


Course Topics

  • Human Social Relations in Nah al-Balaghah
  • Political thought in Nahj al-balaghah


Social Program

Along with the academic program, we have been offering some very interesting social and cultural programs

  • Cultural Tour (Optional)

For those who pursue to enrich their experience of Iran, this optional tour of Iran (Shiraz) would be of interest. Follow in pilgrims’ footsteps and explore the history of old Persia and the spirit of the new Iran. Discover magnificent monuments, artworks, and sights and deeper insight into this ancient land.


Who Can Apply?

The  Intensive Course on Man and Social Relations in Shia Tradition is open to scholars, professors, researchers and students from all around the world. The program is designed for academics from various background, who are interested in expanding their understanding of Islamic Shia Tradition and Scriptures. Individuals from a wide range of academic or professional interests are welcome to apply.



Course Fee

A number of fee packages are available for this course. All fee packages include tuition costs, social programs, educational booklets, lunch, snacks and refreshments, travel insurance, airport transfers (pick-up and drop-off) and site visits.


Fee Package

Standard Fee

Early Birds*

Group / Partner (3-5)**



280 EUR

 252 EUR

224 EUR



250 EUR

225 EUR

200 EUR


Course & Tour

530 EUR

477 EUR

424 EUR

* A 10% early bird discount is considered upon early registration.

** A 20% discount is considered for group (3 or more) and partner institutions.


Important Dates

  • Early registration deadline:    31 December 2018
  • Registration deadline:             31 January 2019
  • Academic Course:                   28th Feb- 1st Mar 2019
  • Cultural Tour:                           2- 5 March 2019


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